Regents Exam Item Analysis Templates

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Templates for other June 2008 exams coming soon

These spreadsheets compute scaled scores and item analyses for various Regents exams. They make grading faster, reduce errors, and yield instructionally useful data, besides organizing sometimes overwhelming quantities of data and making life easier for your grade czar.

The templates are basically similar, but each one has the appropriate number of questions, multiple choice key, and conversion chart. (With some basic Excel savvy, you can easily modify a template for use with a different administration, a different subject, or even for a non-Regents exam. See Modifying the Templates below for details.)

I've also posted templates for past exams, which can make the use of those exams for diagnosis, practice, and test preparation more informative and so more effective.


Each template has four parts (one of which is hidden). The columns mentioned here are those for the Math A Regents exam templates (other exams have the same parts, but since they have different numbers of questions, the columns are different).
  1. Multiple choice answers (columns F to AI)
  2. Multiple choice points (columns AJ to BM) (hidden)
  3. Free response points (columns BP to BX)
  4. Totals and analysis (columns BY to CC and the rows at the bottom)
Basically, you enter students' responses (multiple choice answers and free response points) and the sheet will give you the students' scaled scores and item analysis information.


(The specific columns may vary for different templates. The column names used here are for the Math A exam, which has 30 multiple-choice questions and nine short-answer questions.)
  1. Download the appropriate template. (If you click the link, be sure to save it, not just open it. In most browsers, you can also right-click the link and select "Save".)
  2. Each student's info goes in a different row of the sheet. (You can add more rows by inserting blank rows, then copying down. You can also delete unused student rows.)
  3. Item analysis data will appear at the bottom of each row.
If there is a topic for each question (below each item's analysis) it is my own. If you find any errors, please let me know so I can fix the posted file.

Integrated Algebra

Note that this item analysis sheet does not yet incorporate the conversion chart for scaled scores. The exam and scoring key do not appear to be online yet. The conversion chart should be posted on June 26. (A new version of the item analysis spreadsheet will be posted as soon as possible after the conversion chart is released.)

Integrated Algebra, June 2008 (NEW!)

Math A

Download past exams (including translated editions), scoring keys, and conversion charts from the NYSED website.

Math A, June 2008 (NEW!)

Math A, January 2008

Math A, August 2007

Math A, June 2007

Math A, January 2007

Math A, August 2006

Math A, June 2006

Math A, January 2006

Math B

Download past exams, scoring keys, and conversion charts from the NYSED website.

Math B, June 2008 (NEW!)

Math B, January 2008

Math B, June 2007

Math B, January 2007

Math B, June 2006

Other Subjects

I may have templates for a few other exams as well, but I haven't checked these as carefully as the math exams' analysis templates, so I'm only posting a few. Please do let me know if there are any errors. You can download past exams, scoring keys, and conversion charts from the NYSED website, and it would be a good idea to check these over before you use them.

Living Environment, June 2007

US History, June 2007

Earth Science, June 2007

English Language Arts, June 2007

Modifying the Templates

To edit an existing template for a different administration of the same exam: You can also edit an existing template for a different exam. This may require some Excel skill. (I'm happy to help out with this if I have time.)
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